Employee Relationship

In western management style they give less preference to their employees and give less job security to their employees as compare to Japanese style of management their first aim to provide job security to their employees and they have proper union for resolving all the employee issues and problems but in western style their they don’t have proper union for supporting employees and their issues so employees not feel much satisfy in these type of organization. In Japanese style of management provide life time job to their employees but not possible in western style.


Organisational Structure

In western style of management is properly hieratical from the upper management to the lower management and their organizational structure is based of vertical form in which every individual have complete responsibility of particular task and no person can able to interfere for performing these task. But in the Japanese style of management they normally meeting on round table which is shows that they promote the equality in the organization and they also promote the team work in the organization rather than individualism. They take decision on group meeting and take the view points of all the management staff or other stakeholders but in the western style of management they more relay on one man show and owner is only the responsible for taking every decision for their organization.


Process and Operation

Japanese style of management is more focus to involve the employees in the strategy thinking and strategy making process and also establish the ability of employee learning but in the western style of management they provide individual task to every employees and not giving much more learning ability in the employees. Western style of management more focus on operation in cost effective manner and try to reduce the cost of every productions business operations but in Japanese style of management they innovate their process and business operations time to time according to their customers’ requirements.



In western style of management is more focus on production in bulk quantity and in larger quantity of the same product because due to this they the save huge amount of cost and make cost effective products but on the other hand Japanese style of management is more focus on small quantity of products according to their customer needs and satisfaction and also provide differentiated products having unique qualities and abilities.


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