Culture is the group of different people but have some similarities in their behaviour, mid set, religious aspects or any other regional similarities. In broader aspect culture is denoting the traditional values and history of the group of peoples, culture is different according to the different locations. As per the organizational culture is also different according their employees and management influence or local area influence on their environments but there is the different case in multinational organizations because they try to emphasize on their same culture in every country.



Management is word using in business for the person or group of persons who is responsible to doing their task and job. Management is the powerful body in the organization for provide organizational strategies and plan for future growth and they are responsible for set the organizational goals and targets



In overall analysis provide detail that Japanese style of management is totally different as compare to western style of management because in western style of management more focus on cost effective products through the help of different standardized procedures and policies. They also produce bulk quantity production within one industry for low cost of production; they strictly focus on their corporate image and revenues. On the other hand Japanese style of management is more focus on their product differentiation and provides much flexible products to their customers with verity of product qualities according to their customers need; they also focus on the product enhancement and innovation as per the new technologies.

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